Case Study Coffee Roasters

roasting seasonal coffees in Portland, OR

A Portland coffee roaster with three neighborhood locations, Case Study Coffee offers seasonal coffees prepared with equal parts craft and love. We've made our own syrups since we opened in 2007 and offer great baked goods from Roman Candle and Petunia's gluten-free bakery. 


Case Study Coffee was born as Espresso Arts Catering, in Portland, Oregon, 2007. Though we've built three cafes and a large following in Portland, we still cater events big and small all over the Pacific Northwest. Interested in our catering services? Details below--contact us for more information!


Espresso Catering Packages

Our espresso packages are based on the number of guests and the length of your event and always include:

  • Case Study-trained baristas for efficient, professional service
  • Our seasonal (sustainably-sourced) regular and decaf espresso, roasted for your event
  • Milk options include: locally sourced skim, whole, and 1/2 & 1/2 as well as soy, almond, and rice milks
  • House-made syrups include Toasted Hazelnut, Fleur de Sel Caramel, Chocolate Ganache, Aged Bourbon Caramel, and Fleur Noir Vanilla
  • Locally sourced milk and soy, rice, and almond milks for alternatives
  • Locally-sourced Foxfire loose-leaf teas and DragonFly Chai
  • Iced versions of all our beverages
  • A full condiment bar with an array of sweeteners

Single espresso cart packages (gratuity not included)
For up to 60 guests: $300 for one hour, $100 each additional hour
For up to 125 guests: $475 for two hours, $100 each additional hour
For up to 200 guests: $650 for three hours, $100 each additional hour

Double espresso cart packages (gratuity not included)
For up to 125 guests: $575 for one hour, $150 each additional hour
For up to 250 guests: $950 for two hours, $150 each additional hour
For up to 400 guests: $1300 for three hours, $150 each additional hour

Cool details - 

  1. Our catering carts are custom stainless steel and teak wood.
  2. We pull your shots on our beautiful La Marzocco GS3s, which are handmade in Italy
  3. Custom signature drinks, Roman Candle Bakery pastries, and other details available upon request.